I love polymer clay. I love to spend hours and hours creating with this artistic medium. But, although polymer clay is my base material, I'm a big fan of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. By nature I am very curious, and I inherited creative line from parents (my Mom is expert for sewing, crocheting and knitting, and Dad's longtime hobby is carpentry), so it is quite logical that I love to spread knowledge on the various arts and crafts fields, to find out how to make candle holder, decorative box or a bookshelf. My bookmarks on computer and Pinterest page is full of links to such projects and many of them I used in the arrangement of my apartment. I also love to cook. I enjoy so much in baking and sweets making. Ice creams and all delicious things with fruits and chocolate are my favorites. That love come quite handy in situations when unannounced guests arrive, and I have to prepare tasty snacks in a hurry. Of course, my bookmarks and Pinterest page are full of links for quickly and tasty recipes too. So, I decided to share some of these craft projects on my blog. I'm going to share them once a week (more precise every Saturday) by subtitle Project of the week(end). Projects will be from different areas, such as making decorative items, recycling, cookery... Most of them I already make, but also there will be some that are on my projects waiting list. I hope they will benefit you, if nothing else then, at least, as an idea for some just your project. And as a first project I chose this easy craft to make, a Driftwood fish home decoration by Karah from The Space Between blog.

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STUDIO ARTESANIA is brand name of mixed media/polymer clay artist and instructor ANDRIJANA KATAVIĆ, aka ANYA ARTESANIA. She's also the creator and curator of Polymer Clay Planet, FIMO ambassador for Serbia, and the member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team. Her artworks have been published in a book "The Polymer Clay Artist's Guide".