* KLIK za srpsku verziju
This cheerful and colorful necklace is perfect for all seasons and for all occasions. Can be worn with everyday outfit, but also, because of its discreet and elegant shine is an excellent addition to the festive wardrobe. Following the Instruction that I have prepared as part of FIMO Srbija project by company TROPIC TRADE (Staedtler official representative for Serbia), anyone can easily make this beautiful necklace.
1 x FIMO Soft Sunflower Yellow (8020 16)
1 x FIMO Professional Turquoise (8004 32)
1 x FIMO Effect Glitter White (8020 052)
1 x FIMO Effect Glitter Silver (8020 812)
FIMO Beads Roller - Olive shaped (8712 02)
FIMO Roller (8700 05)
FIMO Clay Machine (8713)
FIMO Metal Flakes (8781 99)
FIMO Gloss Varnish 8703 01)
FIMO Needles (8712 20)
Glass or ceramic tile
Shallow glass or metal bowl
Round cutter (size about 2.5 cm)
Soft painting brush
Printing paper
Piece of Styrofoam
Metal components for jewelry making (bead dividers, thin wire cord, crimp beads, wire guardian, jump rings, lobster clasp)
Jewelry tools
Cut two bars of clay from the packaging of glitter silver clay. Cut three bars from the package of sunflower yellow. Condition both clay with hands, and mix the two colors together. Mix clay well with FIMO clay machine to obtain uniformly colored darker yellow tile. Cut 18 circles from the tiles with round cutter and leave them on the side.
Take one bar of glitter white clay. Also cut three bars of turquoise clay. Condition both clay with hands, and mix the two colors together. Mix clay well with FIMO clay machine to obtain uniformly colored brighter blue tile. Cut 18 circles from the tile with round cutter and leave them on the side.
Take 12 circles of yellow clay, then join each two circles together making 6 balls. Do the same with the blue clay, from which you will need 6 balls also. On each of the remaining yellow circles, put one remaining circle of blue clay, join and mix well until you get 6 balls of green clay.
In shallow glass bowl, pour a smaller amount of FIMO metal flakes. Put the balls in a bowl and gently shake so that metal flakes randomly stick to the clay. Repeat the process until all the balls are partially covered in metal flakes. You do not have to cover the entire surface of the beads, but only certain parts.
Remove excess metal flakes from each bead with a soft painting brush.
Roll further each bead between your palms so that metal flakes are nicely merged with clay.
Create accordion from the printing paper and place it on the surface where you’ll bake clay.

Place a bead in the roller (in the larger, olive shaped part of roller), place the other part of the roller on top of it, bearing in mind that the grooves have to align, and move the roller in left - right direction until the balls take appropriate olive form.

Through a dent in the roller put the FIMO needle and drill the clay beads. Carefully remove the bead from the roller together with the needle, and set on a paper accordion. Repeat the process until all the balls are prepared in the same way.
STEP 10.
Bake beads for 30 minutes at 110 ° C. When cooled, pull the bead to the edge of the needle.
STEP 11.
Coat each bead with a thin layer of FIMO gloss varnish and stick pins in Styrofoam. Allow the varnish to dry.
STEP 12.
Connect the collar so you alternately put one blue, one yellow and one green bead, putting dividers between the beads.

2 коментара :

Kelsey Christensen said...

These beads are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Anya Artesania said...

You're welcome Kelsey. I'm glad you like it.

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