* KLIK za srpsku verziju

Many of you know that I recently became a member of the Makin's Clay® Design Team, and this candleholder is my first project make with this no-bake polymer clay. This candleholder is made for my Mom, and is inspired by Serbian folk costumes, more specifically with the costume from the part of Serbia where she’s born - Šumadija. Sometime the beauty of things is in the simplicity, so I incorporate colors and patterns from folk costume in design and gave it a bit of modern and minimalist look.

Anyway, this is my first creation with Makin's Clay® ever. For Makin's Clay® I know for a long time, but so far I have not had a chance to test it out, because Makin's clay and tools are not available in Serbia yet (hope that’s will change soon). Now that I had a chance to try it I'm absolutely and completely thrilled. I had so much fun experimenting with this a bit familiar, yet completely new material for me. Makin's Clay® does not need to be softened at the beginning of the work (which is great, because I do not like that part of working with polymer clay), it is very flexible and can be bent, molded and shaped easily. It's non-toxic, it’s suitable for all ages, it’s requires no baking and can be applied to almost any surface, even on very large objects which do not fit in the oven and that normally we would not be able to cover with polymer clay. By mixing two or more colors together it’s easy to achieve unique colors, and it can be stamped, painted, carved, sanded, textured, sculpted...
For more info about this polymer clay visit Makin's Clay® Blog. Make sure to check wonderful projects that my team-mates from Deign Team made, and if you want to make this candleholder you’ll find my tutorial by clicking HERE.

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STUDIO ARTESANIA is brand name of mixed media/polymer clay artist and instructor ANDRIJANA KATAVIĆ, aka ANYA ARTESANIA. She's also the creator and curator of Polymer Clay Planet, FIMO ambassador for Serbia, and the member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team. Her artworks have been published in a book "The Polymer Clay Artist's Guide".