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I love to read. Due to numerous obligations, I do not have much time for this passion of mine. It’s true, I could read books in electronic format (and sometimes I do), but I love the smell of old books and the fantastic feeling of flipping through pages. Therefore, a book (regardless of the thickness, size and weight) is always an integral part of the contents of my bag. Although my bag is quite heavy most of time, this way I can read anytime, anywhere - at the station while I wait for city bus, in the bus even when I do not grab a seat, in the shop while I'm standing too long in line at the cash register, on the street while waiting for a friend who always arrive “on time” with two hours delay... To other people I probably look like a lunatic while I'm standing with book in hand completely lost in time and space, but these are the only free moments that I have and it would be a shame to waste them in vain, so I use them for reading. Besides, artists are always a bit eccentric, and I'm showing my eccentricity by reading books in unusual places and unusual time. :)
However, this is a reason why I constantly lose bookmarks. So I created a bookmark that will suit my needs and that will be hard to lose. With Makin's Clay® I made a heart, hand painted it on both sides by a gold acrylic paint and smeared it on both sides with Rapid Dry by Stylish epoxy resin. Through a hole in heart I pull a gold chain on which I put a bead. To mark the page where I stopped reading I just have to move the chain and while I read on unusual place I can wrap chain around my wrist and be sure that I’ll not lose my bookmark. Also, in case I've left the house without jewelry (which does not happen often) and I urgently need a necklace all I have to do is to slide bead down to the heart and to hang a chain around neck. Nice, isn't it!?

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STUDIO ARTESANIA is brand name of mixed media/polymer clay artist and instructor ANDRIJANA KATAVIĆ, aka ANYA ARTESANIA. She's also the creator and curator of Polymer Clay Planet, FIMO ambassador for Serbia, and the member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team. Her artworks have been published in a book "The Polymer Clay Artist's Guide".