Since the Makin's Tools® is unavailable in my country, I searched various foreign sites for quite long time in order to find the best deal to get some of them. Unfortunately, quite a big postage price, as well as customs duties and taxes that I have to pay has prevented me so far to become the owner of some of these tools. Especially I was interested for Makin's® texture sheet sets, as they have unusual geometric motifs that I like very much.
Most of you know that I’m a member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team and that I, thanks to that, got some of their tools. But, you do not know that my joy knew no bounds when I got some of the long desired textures. Words can’t describe my happiness when I saw one of my favorite Makin's® texture set - set H in the package. Of course, I immediately sat down at my desk, and made pendant from Makin's Clay® textured with Abstract A sheet from this set. I added, intentionally, a little of metallic shimmer and sequins on the pendant, because I wanted to point to the happiness that overwhelmed me when I got this Makin's® set of textures, as well the joy I feel during using them.
Soon I’ll publish more of my works with this and other Makin's® textures, but until then visit Makin’s® Blog or FB page and check what my colleague from Makin's Clay® Design Team made with this tool so far.

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STUDIO ARTESANIA is brand name of mixed media/polymer clay artist and instructor ANDRIJANA KATAVIĆ, aka ANYA ARTESANIA. She's also the creator and curator of Polymer Clay Planet, FIMO ambassador for Serbia, and the member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team. Her artworks have been published in a book "The Polymer Clay Artist's Guide".