At the invitation to participate in the campaign Hearts of hope and help NURDOR in their mission of improving the quality of life and treatment of children with cancer in Serbia, that I as one of the organizers published on my blog in early July 2016, responded more than 100 polymer clay hobbyists, creatives, artists and enthusiasts from 2 continents - America and Europe. From 7 countries (United States, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) arrived more than 700 creations, of which about 500 were Hearts of hope (brooches/pins in the shape of a heart with a golden ribbon that symbolizes the fight against children's cancer), and the rest was additional donations in the form of jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets), magnets, bookmarks, key pendants... Most artists and creatives have self-made Hearts of hope, but there are several group/collaborative pieces. The largest number of heart-shaped creations, a whopping 180 pieces, are made by members of the Belgrade Association of children and youth with disabilities Blue Shell. Another interesting fact is that the youngest participant is nine-year old Ilija Purić from Belgrade (Serbia).
Although the deadline for sending was September 10th 2016, Hearts of hope and other creations have arriving after that date, some even a few hours before the Donors exhibition, which is why I had not posted all the entries earlier. Followers of my FB page had been able to see some of the creations whose authors send me photos, and since I have a lot of pics (which is due to the size impossible to publish on the blog) I decided to make a video in which are presented all pieces and the names of their creators. Some individuals sent so many pieces, and no matter how I placed them it was hard to fit them all in the frame, so I picked out just a few for picture. Of course, all of their creations were exhibited at the Donor exhibitions, and many are sold as well.
Finally, I want to
especially thank to several of my dear friends and fellow polymer clay artist who (each in its own way) selflessly helped me during the campaign, and they are Ponsawan Sila, Dr. Ron Lehocky, Leila Bidler, Aleksandra Beba Oluić, Milica Marić, Nataša Marković, Selma Mahmutović and Daniela Mihalik Salma. Another big, huge thank you to each of you for having responded to my call of action and for having invested time, effort and money (for materials and postage) to support this campaign with your gorgeous creations. Also, thanks to donors who have bought these beautiful creations and help to collect 168,490 serbian dinars (around 1,370 euros) for NURDOR.
* KLIK za srpsku verziju 

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STUDIO ARTESANIA is brand name of mixed media/polymer clay artist and instructor ANDRIJANA KATAVIĆ, aka ANYA ARTESANIA. She's also the creator and curator of Polymer Clay Planet, FIMO ambassador for Serbia, and the member of the first Makin's Clay® Design Team. Her artworks have been published in a book "The Polymer Clay Artist's Guide".